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 Spray foam: Polyurethane spray on foam is sprayed to the underside of the roof deck and stud cavities. This system provides premium insulation values as well as totaling sealing the exterior of the house from air infiltration.  With this system, fiberglass roll and blown in insulation is eliminated in the house except for sound purposes. Generally, this type of insulation can cost as much as 66% more initially but can reduce the utility consumption. Savings can range from 25 to 35% on heating and cooling cost.

Tank less Water Heater: Tank Less Water Heater is a water heater that heats the water upon demand.  They come in different sizes and types energy used to heat. Small units that generally take care of only one fixture are usually powered by electricity. Larger units set up to heat entire bathrooms or entire houses are of larger heating capacity and are powered by either natural or propane gas. The main advantage in using this type of heating method for water is that no energy is used unless water is drawn. This reduces the overall consumption of energy in heating water.  It also provides instant hot water unlimited in volume.  The average cost for a four bath home is about $800 more than a conventional gas heater and about $950 more than an electric heater.

Interlocking Paver Drives: Interlocking concrete pavers  are brick pavers that lock in to each other without the use of motor and are laid on a bed of coarse sand and lock together with particles of sand worked in between the joints.  Pavers provide for a beautiful finish for drives, walks patio and pool decks. The advantage of pavers is that they offer several colors and designs and eliminate concerns of cracking concrete.  The cost of using pavers instead of concrete is about $1.00 per square foot. On an average driveway, for around $2000, you can add beauty and eliminate any future cracking issues found in concrete. It is best to seal the pavers in order to provide lasting beauty and minimize maintenance.

Cased Windows: Casing windows is a simple method of trimming out the perimeter of a window with the same door trim used in the house. This accents the window and gives the look of an all wood window after painting the entire window opening the trim color. The cost to add this type of look is about $85 per window depending on size and trim.

 Stone walls and flooring: Instead of using ceramic or porcelain tile, real stone is now available at a slight up charge in floored areas as well as bath tub and shower enclosures or anywhere tile is used. In past years, the use of stone instead of tile was cost prohibitive but in current times has become more readily available at around a 25% increase in cost. The use of real stone adds warmth and beauty to any home.

Crown Molding: Decorative ceiling molding is used between the wall and ceiling in as accent molding. For around $4.25 per linier foot of molding used, one can add accent and beauty to any room. Prices can vary from sizes and styles.

Custom Built Bookshelves: Custom built bookshelves can be built to any owners design.  They can be built with a paint or stain finish. Custom Bookshelves add beauty and function to any home at a price comparable to ready built modular cabinets.

Stone Fireplace Mantels: Although the custom built Mantels that we install in every house can add the look of warmth and beauty to any fireplace, true pre-cast stone mantels and surrounds can add that elegant rich look that can not be achieved with any other product. Although this type of mantel is quiet beautiful, the cost is about four times that of a wood mantel.

Stone Exterior Accents: The use of cultured and real stone can accent the exterior of any siding or stucco exterior.  Stone is available in different styles and color and can be used in specific areas for accent or for entire walls.  Because of the cost , the use of stone is usually limited to accent areas.

Summer Kitchens and Outside Fireplaces: Summer kitchens and outside fireplaces can be custom designed by us and built to each owner’s desires and wants. Designs in summer kitchens range from a basic sink with a location for a refrigerator to a full kitchen with Gas Grill, Side Burner, Warming Drawer, Storage Compartments and even Kegorators. Granite and tile can be added for durability and accent as well as real stone.  The cost depends on the design and equipment used. Outdoor Fireplaces are also custom designed and use either gas or real logs. They can also be very basic or elaborate depending on wants and budget. These items can bring enhance any back yard to become a real outdoor living space and yet be functional.

Additional Upgrades and Options:

  • Accent Lighting
  • All Granite Countertops
  • Concrete Block Construction
  • Custom Design and Built Summer Kitchen per Owner Design
  • Custom Job Built Bookshelves by Owner Design
  • Custom Kitchen Backslash
  • Custom Wood and Stone Kitchen Hood
  • Emergency Backup Generator
  • Fully Cased Windows
  • Gas Plumbing
  • ICF (Insulated Concrete Wall Construction)
  • Multi Color Décor
  • Multi Step Crown
  • Outdoor Fireplace
  • Pre-Cast Concrete wall construction
  • Spray Foam wall and roof insulation
  • Stone Fireplace Mantel and Surround
  • Stone Flooring and Bath Finishes
  • Tank less Gas Instant Water Heater
  • Whole House Sound and Internet Wiring



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